Our service portfolio


As a provider of services we offer you highly-qualified chemical and microbiological analysis on the basis of recognised national and international methods of testing. In addition to this, we offer advice in respect of quality assurance questions and problems with hygiene (HACCP-concept, IFS, BRC) and support you in all laboratory-specific matters, for example in working out your own quality assurance system.

The ANALYTISCHE INSTITUT BOSTEL will also be pleased to partner you in planning your own laboratory and how it should be appropriately fitted out with equipment and qualified personnel.

Products we analyse:

    • Foodstuffs of all types such as F&V, eggs and egg products, pasta, meat and sausage products, milk and dairy products, fruit juices, preserves, fats and oils, bread, cakes and pastries
    • Raw materials of vegetable and animal origin
    • Feedstuffs
    • Drinking water
    • Drugs and medicines


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